Batak Reservoir is located 8 km away from Batak and 24 km from Velingrad. The resort is placed on the coast of Batak Reservoir, in the Tsigov Chark area, at around 1100 m above the sea level. The climate up to 1000 m above the sea level is continental and in the mountain and high-mountain area it obtains mountain features. According to a NASA research, the air around Batak Reservoir is the cleanest on the planet. The area is snow-covered from 2 to 5 months in a year.

The Batak Reservoir is known by the fishermen as a wonderful fishing destination. The immediate proximity of the resort to the hills of Golyama Syutkya peak (2186 m) in the Rhodope Mountains also provides good opportunities for walking tours. You can practise some water sports in the artificial reservoir – taking a pedalo, boats or jets. On the territory of Batak Municipality there are a few hunting grounds where hunting tourism is developed.

In the winter season the Batak Reservoir resort attracts many winter sports enthusiasts.

Batak is a small mountain town, located near the town of Peshtera. Nearby you can find some of the highest peaks in the beautiful Rhodope Mountains, namely Batashki snezhnik – 2082 m and Golyama Syutkya – 2185 m. Some of the famous cultural and nature sights are Historical museum – Batak, Batak Reservoir resort and Tsigov Chark area, the areas of Shiroka polyana, Beglika, Kara tepe and more. Bulgarian people will always associate Batak with the tragic events, that had happened around and immediately after the April Uprising of 1876. After the crushing of the uprising in May 1876, the local people at first handed in their weapons, but the seemingly peaceful Ottoman irregulars called bashi-bozouk, turned the situation into a ruthless massacre, known as the Batak massacre. Part of the population was under siege in the “Sveta Nedelya” church for days. The situation inside was dramatic — the shortage of drinking water forced the women to dig a well in the ground, in order to find water for their children. The well exists even today. Eventually, after the conquering of the church, all the Christians (about 2000) were murdered.

The town of Batak is the annual host to the marking of the April Uprising.  The ceremony starts with a memorial service in “Sveta Nedelya” church, afterwards there is a wreath laying in front of the Eternal Fire and near the central forts of the April rebels. The programme finishes with an official firework display and a big celebration on the “Osvobozhdenie” square.In a near proximity there are also Snezhanka cave, Fotinski waterfalls, Cars of Socialism Museum, Natural Science Museum “Pliotsenski park”, Historical museum of Bratsigovo, Tsepina castle, Kleptuza lake in Velingrad, Forest center “Chatama”, Ustinski waterfall and many more.

Batak Reservoir is located at around 1100 m above sea level in the western part of Rhodope Mountains, Pazardzhik Province. It is created on Matnitsa river, 4 km from Batak and 12 km from Velingrad. It covers an area of around 22 km2 and its total volume is 309 million m3. It was built in 1959 on the place of the Batashko Swamp. Its length is around 9 km and its max depth – 34 m. The fish in the artificial reservoir include common rudd and European perch, carassius and common carp. It is a desirable place for mountain recreation in harmony and comfort, with a possibility for fishing all year round.Nearby you can find the towns of Batak, Velingrad and Peshtera, with their many cultural and historical sights, as well as amusement places.

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